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Welcome to my website. I am Alexander Ritter, an Italian/German mathematics PhD student at MIT, and I've graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge University.

Subliminal Nonsense is a website with many pages on humour, from science jokes to murphy's laws. One of my favourites is 50 things for professors to do on their first day of class, and the follow-up 50 things for students to do on an exam that does not matter

There are lots of animated images, interesting links and online games. You can read or add some jokes or nonsensical messages to my guestbook.

I quite like quotation pages on websites, here you'll find Simpsons quotes, Oscar Wilde quotations, last words by famous intellectuals, maths and science quotes, and cynical humour or stinging quotes on religion.

There's also an art-subwebsite with some of my favourite (well-known) paintings: Alexandros's Art Treasure.

You can
Chat Online (warning: unless you arrange to chat with someone beforehand, making this an opportunity for a small private chat room, you are otherwise likely to feel lonely).

If you are interested in how to apply to European undergraduate university courses, or American graduate courses or want university related links (especially mathematics) then visit my:
University Related Pages.

I have been working on this website since July 2001, so keep checking it, since it will "soon" leap out of its middle-ages-look, to become a less primordial, more futuristic looking supersite! (yeah, sure...) Acutally, now that two years have passed since I wrote that line, I have given up the hope of progress: I think it's overrated.

Below are a collection to the main pages floating around this website.

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Home: the page you are currently reading.
University: applications to American and European universities, university related pages, mathematics pages and links.
Culture: cultural articles and quotes, art gallery, interviews with mathematicians.
Politics: articles on current politics, the Iraq war and the USA-Europe relationship.
Humour: huge humour collection, simpsons and futurama quotes, science jokes, cynical paradise, fun images, quote collection, online cartoon links, online games.
Italian pages: selezione di articoli di Montanelli, Severgnini e Mieli, la fuga dei cervelli dall'Italia, pagine italiane.
Guestbook: surely you want to have your nickname and a smart comment published on this website!
Links: various external links. For mathematical links, check out the university pages.

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"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars"  (Wilde)

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