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Trensmat are an Irish based Independent Record Label who specialise in transmitting drone, noise, oscillations & grooves.

Every noise has a note.

All releases are limited edition picture sleeve 7" vinyl. We prefer our music on vinyl, sonically & aesthitically. There are many reasons for this, most of them subjective but very heartfelt. Other people can articulate this better than we can :

"Did you ever go in a shower and turn it on and have it come out tiny little ice cubes? Thats the difference between CDs and the real thing - water and ice. Its like gettin' hit with somethin' instead of havin' it flow over ya"
Neil Young

"With digital your brain hears all the information in its numeric perfection. Analog has a mystery arc where cosmos exist, which digital has not reined in. We used to listen to records over and over and each time they would offer something new - it was like each kiss had a new sensation. Digital format offers one cold kiss...a mere peck"
Thurston Moore

We realise that you may not feel this way so we try to include a CD copy with all our 7"s, usually containing exclusive extras - videos, other tracks, etc..

To view release information (description, artwork, audio samples, reviews), and to buy using our secure Paypal gateway (no Paypal account needed) go to releases.

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The 7" Single
The 7" single - a classic format if ever there was one. Since its creation in the early 1950's it has lent itself to all manner of musical tastes and styles. Far more durable than the 78-rpm shellac discs it replaced, and with greatly enhanced sound quality, it has become an iconic format of popular music culture.

Each decade has seen an evolution in the way the humble black plastic 7" disc has been used; from the 50's and 60's issues with their jukebox/multi-stack friendly push-out centres, to the 70's solid-centre creations and the gradual introduction of eye-catching picture covers, to the 80's excess of coloured vinyls and limited edition packaging in all its glory. Their gradual slide in popularity during the late 90's has now taken an upward turn in the 2000's, with artists choosing to return to this classic format.

By definition all but the very latest releases are long out-of-print, and new releases are often only available for a very limited period of time. As the longest lasting single format the 7" still has its ardent followers. Singles are dead. Long live the 7" single!