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The Telescopes open proceedings for Trensmat with an EP of free drone audio druidry.

Side 1 contains the seven and a half minute AMM meets Suicide groove of DSM-IV Axis 1:307.46 - the DSM term for Night Terrors. Side 2 builds a brilliant and atmospheric subterranean world of drone and white noise using household objects - true metal machine music.

Black 7" Vinyl, Picture Sleeve

July 2006, TR001

Dsm-iv Axis 1:307.46
Household Objective #4


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SINGLE OF THE YEAR : Aquarius, Nosordo
SINGLE OF THE WEEK : Norman, Road, Angry ape
RADIO PLAY : Radio One, Resonance 104.4, Womb

The new version of the group is far more savage than anyone would've dared dream & this new single is just has a very real & crazy originality that carries fat tons of wallop.
The Wire

Check out The Telescopes' excellent 7" NIGHT TERRORS, which contains two epic funereal dirges full of bowed guitars, wah'd organs, shaking percussions, Theremins, mallets and delay pedals.
Head Heritage

The monolithic 'DSM - IV 1:307.46' is a cranium rewiring 7 minute drone acid flashback of twisted theremin bastardisations and head warping locked down groove...'household objective #4' is weird, wired and very, very worrying, looming chords filter ominously through the ether to invade and illuminate what can only be described as an army of digitised crickets - best heard in the light of day with the lights on. More please.
LosingToday Magazine

The bassline drives and thunders along ten to the dozen making an eerie hellish soundscape with all sorts of shenanigans going on in the background. Yet it's infinitely listenable. The best (and most evil) driving music I've heard in ages.
Norman Records

The record cover, an eerie picture of the underground catacombs in Paris, is worth the price alone......cant wait for part ii!

They have immersed themselves in the repetitive grooves of Suicide and the space-jazz of Sun Ra to create something completely new and abstract in the process.
Angry Ape

The Telescopes have certainly pushed and pulled at boundaries until the floors, walls and eventually foundations caved in beneath them. Scary, brutal, and definitely not to be listened to alone.
Drowned in Sound

If this was some weird Finnish CD-r limited to 50 copies people would be freaking out. But just because it's a new record from a band we know and love, don't let that keep you from picking this up. Might even be the best 7" we've heard all year.
Aquarius Records