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Mugstar follow up thier widely heralded 'My baby skull has not yet flowered' single with another firing 7" for Trensmat.

'Bethany heart star' is a furious head tripping hybrid of speed freak out sonics welded to a frantic krautrock. While on the flip 'Bilkas crib' is like Sun Ra delivering hypnotic shock treatment with hammers.

To feel anything other than apathy in this cynical age is a bonus, time to pay attention...

Limited edition, numbered black vinyl 7".
Dinked with Trensmat 45 adapter.
Full colour wraparound picture sleeve.

Jan 2007, TR002.

Bethany Heart Star
Bilkas Crib


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Single of the week - Norman, Piccadilly, Road, Losing Today
Radio Support - Radio One, Dandelion, Kfuel, SWH

A slab of thug psych dunder that will slip deep inside the heart of anyone who allows memories of Hawkwind's fog to carry them away on days when nothing else is happening. Choice, out of time sludge.
The Wire

A chuggin' distorted high gasoline rocker with sythns and crazy horns leading the atonal melody. With no singer to make you judge it on a human level and to take you off the course from the rhythmic rock, it leaves you with an exhilarating wall of sound and energy. Slap this on the deck in the morning and you'll end up goin' straight into work and slapping that annoying boss of yours across the face ... bang bang bang bang bang.. oooooo its gonna be a pounding!!!!...
Norman Records

A simply awesome racket, and the icing on the already beautiful cake is that underneath and in and around all those pounding instrumental speedfreak riffs are some truly original melodies. There's nothing not to like about this record, from the two songs to the cover, a blurrily psychedelic live shot, a symphony in black and red which has a fabulously velveteen texture achieved.

The Mugstar limited 7" on the rising Trensmat label takes ROTW here, it's a ferocious guitar onslaught a little like Mogwai mixed with a jet engine!!
Piccadilly Records

This is a rather excellent blast of instrumental post rock meets space rock with the real emphasis on the rock in both descriptions. Try to imagine Mogwai and Spacemen 3 on the same drugs that Lemmy takes. Its a big dirty repetive almost krautrock piece of sleazy rock.
Road Records

Heads down no nonsense brutalised boogie of mind numbing paralysing locked down grind...the aural equivalent of a paranoiac psychotic episode brought on by a bad acid trip. Neat or what. Absolutely essential - deputy single of the missive.
Losing Today

Some weird sort of post punk noise rock, almost kind of mathy, a bit like a supercharged, way more metallic Stereolab, which intensifies until it explodes into wild psychedelic squalls of acid fried synths and freaked out guitarnoise......Epic and exhausting.
Aquarius Records