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Area C is Erik Carlson, a one-man guitar loops and effects maestro that sounds like the work of some strange rock band. His compositions examine the texture and tonal characteristics of sound, working with live loops, their cyclical relationships, and the details of their decay over time.

On the title track a supreme motorik groove is navigated. Looped guitars slither and sway, constructing dark melodies in propulsive rhythms to a mesmerising krautrockscape which brings to mind prime Cologne/Dusseldorf axis jams. The flip is more blissful and calm, concerned more with texture and mood where layers are looped and smeared, rhythms pulse and lope, a dreamy ambient post rock world of darkness and mystery. An expansive, rich sonic soundworld.

Included on the additional multimedia CD are exclusive videos for 'Trick with a knife' & 'That spark'. Two beautiful visual representations of dream-like states that perfectly compliment the tracks. The three tracks from the 7" are also on the CD.

VERY limited edition package of numbered clear vinyl lathe cut 7" and multimedia CD. Both in full colour wraparound picture sleeve. View Image

June 2007, TR003.

Trick with a knife
That spark
Mistaken for a sign


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Single of the week - Norman

Here's a fantastic 7" from the Trensmat label. Is it me or is this just about the best new label to come out of nowhere in ages? Every single release has been great.... It reminds me of the golden olden days when labels were taking chances and releasing interesting things instead of the commercial bland tat which I'm perpetually surrounded by. Area C is the artist and it's a lathe cut edition of 100 which includes a digital version which you can upload to the internet and fuck the artist over with. Nice.... In case that wasn't apparent.... don't do that. It's not a good thing to to do at all.... Musically we have 4 tracks of Krautrock style electronica ala Suicide, Neu, The Telescopes, Stereolab.....etc. That kind of chugging motorik thing which just bimbles along like old women in markets. It's great anyway and it's made my brain happy. I can't recommend Tricks with Knives this enough. Quality.
Norman Records

The mix of live and recorded guitars here is beautiful - stately constructions that build and get more furry as they go along. Not any kinda strict Krautrock revisionism, but a wonderful extension of that rootwork.
The Wire

We'd been inclined to agree much with what Normans Records when they say of Trensmat that 'they are the most important label to have come from nowhere in ages' - couldn't have put it better - not only have they serviced with some quality slabs of primal un-worldliness from the recalibrated Telescopes, they've also issued forth onto an unsuspecting populace the odd dinky release by Scouse sonic overlords Mugstar as well as one very compulsive listening experience in the shape of 'noise to signal' by Magnetize.

'Trick with a knife' is a mind melting, wig flipping locked down kraut grooving babe - a sub 5 minute cruise controlled journey into inner space replete with repetitive loops and hypnotic nuances that steadily wire into stature - think Sunray, Echoboy, My Electric Love and Fly locked in a room fighting over pedal effects while undergoing some distinctly hi tec neurosis treatment involving attitude arranging sound frequencies. Flip the disc for the markedly more tranquil, brief and beguiling homely sea sick inducing 'that spark' - a wonderfully decoded drone-scape that sounds to these ears like a collage of day breaking pier side bird symphonies. Last but by n means least - best of the set if truth be told - the daydreaming mistaken for a sign'. Recalls in the main - well initially anyway - the rain swept noire-ish night time tonality of Gnac and Landshipping only to unfurl in a resplendent haze of drifting pastoral needlework, hypnotic beats and subtle feedback effects - a carnival of sound not dissimilar in fact to the spongy far away chirpiness of J Xaverre. Classy.
Losing Today