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Based in Ireland, Magnetize has been making noise since the early 90s using tape loops, old synths & and guitar stomp boxes that was initially heavily influenced by the likes of Suicide, AMM & Coil. Since that time his releases and gigs have ranged in style from blissful textures and primeval drones to dark electro/techno.

'Noise to Signal' utilises heavily processed guitar and modular synth to capture the raw immediacy of interstellar transmissions crackling with the high energy of cosmic radiation filtered through a particle accelerator hotwired to an amplifier. On the flip 'Hazing' sees the mothership return, reconstituted from the frontiers of chaos.

The additional CD 'Ear Blink' is a live recording from August 2006. Over 35 minutes it builds from a bed of textural drones, through dark melodic rhythms to full-on noise assault of freaked out guitarnoise & hanging sonics. An awsome racket.

VERY limited edition package of numbered clear vinyl lathe cut 7" and CD. Both in full colour wraparound picture sleeve. View Image

July 2007, TR005.

Noise to Signal


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Ear Blink is a live recording of four tracks that originally came with a lathe cut 7" which sold out overnight when we stocked it. This offering opens with a slow burning drone piece that evolves into a glistening, shiny opus. Gathering more textures as it careens towards track four. 'Noise To Signal', the third track, layers sheets of gnarled distortion setting the pace for the end piece. Again this is limited so take head, get nerdy and keep checking the site for our constant supply of goodness.
Norman Records

Nice new lathe-cue single by this Irish noise artist. The basics are created with feedback loops, analogue synth blather and effects pedals and the results are quite choice. One side is built around a very corrupt guitar line, repeating itself as everything around it crumbles into electric dust. The flip is more like a magnified quasar pulse being split apart by prisms.
The Wire

Carving out drone sounds capes by use of treated guitars, tape loops, radio wave static and whatever other sound medium that happens to be in his sights at the time, Magnetize creates curdling monolithic slabs of textured resonance, its not your smily faced happy effervescent pop granted rather more its your slow to evolve deeply hypnotic trance inducing musique concrete.

In essence this set is one elongated sonic suite spliced for ease (or so it appears into four bite size portions), dark and some times disturbing, these frosted sculptures fix you in a steely ice tipped grip. Applying Moondog's theory of counterpoint in essence the deft but delicate introduction of shifts in focus to a repetitive sound collage.

The minimalist and bleak glacial tides of 'Sigil' slowly unfurl in depth and texture with each passing added layer to the repetitive template cycle. As references go it alludes to early career Pimmon while channelling similar plots to the sound explorations of Sonic Boom's EAR project, that sense of something unearthly / alien - like a magnified view of the inner working of a chip / processor, the processed sounds almost assuming a life of their own as they hum away ominously part ebbing / flowing - yet part inhaling / exhaling as though transmitting some extra terrestrial code into the far reaches of the cosmos. The almost bliss like 'constantly becoming' lightens the mood considerably - none the less equally equipped with that unnerving ability to chill and disorientate it playfully manifests into a regal Teutonic cosmic overture as though conceived by a seriously spaced out Zombi tinkering about with the soundtrack for 'assault on precinct 13'. 'noise to signal' provides the set with its centrepiece - a colossal slab of sonic fractures as though a farewell symphony of a departing mother ship - bleached and bathed in shards of white noise that converge to create a glorious cacophony of sound while for the parting 'Hazing' you may want to consider either turning down the dial - or up if you happen to hate your neighbours for the full on 4 minute torched earth mind wasting squalling noise skree. More please.
Losing Today

I now gotta hip y’all to the latest ‘all-new’ blueprint from the underworld, in the form of Magnetize’s EAR BLINK. I claim a new blueprint for this record because it’s constructed in such a psychically-useful manner; this disc takes the form of a sonic sea-going Trojan horse, as though its extraordinarily slow-building (and brain-sluicing) tapes’n’guitar work were drifting sentiently but inexorably towards relaxed and complacent listeners, all of whom trustingly sit back at peace only for 200 sonic warriors to burst suddenly and deafeningly out of the music’s underbelly. Like To Blacken The Pages from my Drudion a coupla months back, Magnetize is another Irish one-piece on County Meath’s excellent Trensmat Records, and should be treated with respect and caution.
Julian Cope (Head Heritage)