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Heavy Winged are a trio from from Brooklyn, NYC. They have a sound all of their own, but if you take all the noisiest parts of the Dead C, Hawkwind, Loop, Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and run them through about a million distortion pedals, record it onto a busted 4 track then youll be in the general ballpark.

'Last Forever' is a super saturated psychedelic space rock groove, relentless and throbbing and bathed in a haze of fuzzed out guitarnoise. Flip over to 'Concrete Glass' for a lush blowout of ghostly yet intense guitar/bass improvisatory riff and drone, like Branca symphonies performed by an orchestra of schizophrenics using just-intonation chainsaws.

The additional multimedia CD contains the 16 minute track 'On the marble cliffs' and a 35 minute live video from NYC 2006. 'On the marble cliffs' builds & lopes from flame-thrower guitar and chest shattering bass that surge around drumming that welds manic punk aesthetics with tribal and free intuitions and an otherworldly sense of space to gorgeous multi-layered high end squall where keening streaks of feedback and wavering shimmering washes of glimmer and glisten. The live video is a treat as Heavy Winged rarely play gigs, its a window into their improv approch and fantastic interplay.

VERY limited edition package of numbered clear vinyl lathe cut 7" and CD. Both in full colour wraparound picture sleeve. View Image

August 2007, TR006.

Last Forever
Concrete Glass
On the marble cliffs


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Great single by a somewhat Brooklyn based trio, whose reputation as generators of high volume improvisational nightmare flot-sike has been getting pretty massive over the last year or so. The two tracks on the lathe-cut single are wildly feedbacking stabs into the dark - powerful psych trio stuff a little bit in line with some Japanese riff-creators, but not imitative in the least.
The Wire

Trensmat are fast becoming the purveyors of essential aural terrorising via bespoke noise / drone / deep psyche sound collages. Release number 6 sees the label excelling themselves considerably with the arrival of an ultra limited 7" lathe and an accompanying multimedia CD that sees New York trio Heavy Winged wiring up your cerebral impulse drives for three shots of out there oblivion.

The six minute 'Concrete Glass' is a grating slab of furious feedback free form drone, a white hot whirlpool of brain purifying wiring and whirring chaos that lunges out from the word go and doesn’t relent until the stylus is safely back in its cradle - repetitive to the point its almost hypnotic, what might initially be met with trepidation as the sonic shards shower to sting and scar soon (well give it about 5 minutes) begins to grow on you (honest) wherein - if like me - you'll swear you can hear New Order's 'movement' being remodelled by My Bloody Valentine - of course decked out in their butchers aprons. Less frenzied and just to prove they are not a bunch of arty dead beats out to mess with your heads (though frankly that could actually be true) 'last forever' is served - a howling head clamping experience awaits - those fond of long standing Jap core noise-niks Hijokaidan will be particularly smitten though may well feel cheated given that Jojo Hiroshige's sonic levellers have been known to extend past the hour mark - an ear piercing concrete cacophony of ear melting proportions that to be honest sounds like the trio have just left everything shrieking and gone for a funny fag before remembering 'shit the electric meter' and legging it back in pronto to flip the switches - hence the abrupt ending (which having seen the accompanying video is I suspect very much the case).

The accompanying CD features two additional cuts not on the 7" - with the 16 minute opus 'on the marble cliffs' proving a cruel lesson in freeform aural annihilation - an unrelenting, extreme, ravaged and bludgeoning chorus’ of freeform drone that to these ears - at various points - sounded like the oscillating throb from the engine room of one of those flying saucers from 60's cult TV show 'the Invaders' being pummelled into submission by a wrench wielding early career Einsturdzende Neubauten.
Losing Today