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Circle are Finland's mighty masters of metallic hypno drone rock. Their trademark is to construct ever-shifting, hypnotic, repetitive structures which have been compared to Can's Tago Mago or a proggy Trans Am, with intricate grooves that are intertwined with simple & melodic guitar riffs, antiquated synthesizers, and deep Teutonic male chanting.

On the Vaahto 7" are two tracks of classic Krautrock and Circle's twisted take on the form - motorik murk, hypnotic riffing, relentless rhythms, and circular song structures. Both tracks ride propulsive grooves - throbbing and suspenseful, a mantric, headbanging, minimalist metallic post-krautrock juggernaut!.

Limited edition, red vinyl 7" in full colour picture sleeve.
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Nov 2007, TR007.

Spektaakkelin kritiikki

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More outsider goodness from the Irish imprint, this effort on lush reddish pink vinyl is from the Finnish quartet that originally collaborated with Sunburned Hand Of The Man. This is a hushed vocal strum-hum-drone/motorik affair that reminds me of some sort of midnight incantation. I like the way the Finnish language is written and spoken, it's all those doubled up letters. I'd quite like to go there and have a sauna sometime. Nearly all gone as I write. Great drawing on the reverse sleeve. Almost single of the week.
Norman Records

Two new tracks, of that instantly recognizable motorik Circular hypnorock. No metal, or ambience, this is the classic Circle sound, the A side is Circle at their most stripped down, the drums and guitars locked into a constant loop, the bass following right along, so mesmerizing and seemingly endless, the vocals a barely there whisper, while off in the distance lurk all manner of random clatter and mysterious percussive events. Right in the middle there's an awesome stumbling atonal guitar 'solo' before the band slips right back into that same groove. Goes on and on and if we had our say it would have kept right on going and filled up both sides of a 12".

The flip side is another single riffed hypnojam, a bit less languorous and a little more propulsive, very krautrocky, with lots of harmonica (!) and the vocals much more of a focal point, higher in the mix and leading the groove behind them. Throughout the song are cool tripped out new wave-y synth washes, lazily draped over that impossible catchy Circle rhythm. The end though holds a bit of a surprise with a super bizarre harmonized low vocal coda, a bit like a chorus of Orcs, creepy and kind of what-the-fuck, cool to, and it's Circle, so you should be prepared for them to toss in an Orc chorus now and then.

Cool packaging, a very metal Circle logo, designed by Krypt (who we can only assume is Krypt Axeripper aka Jussi of Circle) sinking into a Finnish seaside, while on the flip is a strange pencil drawing of four guys who look nothing like Circle. Pressed on red vinyl, and as we mentioned above, SUPER SUPER LIMITED AND ALREADY OUT OF PRINT AT THE LABEL!!! .
Aquarius Records

How best to describe both ‘Vaahto’ and ‘spektaakkelin kritiikki’ would be best summed up by having you imagine having your head forced into a psychedelic tumble dryer on the hottest possible setting. Alternatively you might prefer the notional bad assed krautrock. Whatever your chosen preference these brain mushing babies are the bollocks.

‘Vaahto’ is so brazenly uber cool it could house its own fashion collection, repetitive locked down looping mesmerising motorik grooves spliced with distressed harmonicas give this a deliciously dusty aspect to which fans of old school Echoboy and Sunray will swoon in bliss behind their shades to while casually basking amid a mind enlightening snake winding blues mantra that has you imagining a super chilled RL Burnside tangled up in some sort of amorphous progressive primitive space age stew curated by a meeting of mindsets belonging to Goblin and Neu!

Flip cut ‘spektaakkelin kritiikki’ provides the best moment of the brace - the bastard offspring of sorts of Barrett’s ‘Lucifer Sam’ though on this occasion shot through with an edgy psychosis that’s been partly fed through Spacemen 3’s fried back catalogue and then pummelled unrecognizable by the minimalist austere scarring of post punk intonations (think Left Hand’s ‘minus eight’ - second mention same missive) - stunningly bleak if you ask me.
Losing Today