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In 2006 The Telescopes became a collaboration between Bridget Hayden and founder member Stephen Lawrie. A great artist in her own right, Bridget was a co conspirator of Vibracathedral Orchestra and can occasionally be found playing with Sunburned Hand Of The Man. As a volcanic two piece The Telescopes spent 2006 spreading free noise around England, Scotland, Ireland, The Canary Islands, West Coast of America, Italy and Austria.

On this, their third 7" for Trensmat, are two tracks which feature captivating textural drones coupled with spiralling guitar & viola manipulation. Beautiful yet sinister and unnerving hypnotic grooves.

Included on the additional multimedia CD is an exclusive video - "Phase Kenosis" - a 20 minute abstraction pulled together by Eoin Shea from ransomed memories featuring music by The Telescopes. The two tracks from the 7" are also on the CD.

VERY limited edition package of numbered blue vinyl 7" and CD. In full colour wraparound picture sleeve. View Image

Nov 2007, TR008.

Another whip
The blue shroud of Alkatraz

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More fuzz-drone, noise from Bridget and Stephen, almost sold out as I write, this is a limited edition 7" on blue vinyl with added bonus of a cd that contains both tracks and a quicktime movie entitled 'Phase Kenesis'. Turn the volume up on this one to reveal the latent textures inherent in such noise based projects.
Norman Records

We've long been fans of the Telescopes, a veritable UK institution. A long running blissed out space rock outfit as adept at crafting dreamy billowy drone rock epics as they are spewing huge gobs of caustic guitarnoise and wild psychedelic freakouts. This ultra limited 7", in Trensmat's ongoing series of eps, finds the band dabbling in the latter. Two tracks of crumbling slowly decaying space rock ambience, washed out guitars, streaks of glittering feedback, rumbling drones, coruscating white noise guitar buzz, blurred disembodied chordal bliss and crunch slabs of fuzzy distortion, all stretched out into mesmerizing sprawls of dreamlike psychedelic space drone. Heavy and dense, noisy and divine!

Includes a cd-r with the same tracks as the 7", but also with a 40 minute cd-rom film. A gorgeous and super abstract black and white video and live performance recorded in 2006, all stripes and striations, static and video white noise, shifting and slowly moving and changing shape, crumbling beauty, abstract decay and distortion, the visual analogue to the Telescopes blown out ambient skree.

Pressed on opaque cloudy blue vinyl. Packaged in a cool full color sleeve with a half cutaway on the back revealing the single and the cd. LIMITED!!!.
Aquarius Records