Premier Minor Hurling Championship Co.Section Final

Saturday 18th November 2000  

This was a match like no other. Diarmuid O'Mathunas against Bishopstown in their first ever minor 'A' County Final, and what a match it was. This was a match full of skill and determination, going eleven minutes into injury time and then to extra time. The match began in earnest with both sides fighting for the advantage but it was Mathunas who got the upper hand with points from Ger McCarthy.

The Mathuna's defence was always under pressure from the Bishopstown lads but they battled bravely. John Foley was, as always, solid at centre back with tremendous support from both wings, James Walsh and John Hurley. The full back line played marvellously as Tadgh Foley, Seamus Nyhan and Denis Cronin played their hearts out and Denis McCarthy defended the goal line with ease. The second half got under way with Bishopstown striving for the advantage but were despaired when John Paul O'Callaghan scored a wonderful goal from a sideline cut. Mathuna's battled for more scores with great play from John Horgan and Mark Barrett while both Tim Crowley and Conor Hurley fought for possession in the full forward line. The centre field players, Colin O'Leary and Darren Coughlan, played brilliantly and provided many chances for the forwards and support to the defence, while also scoring a point a piece.

However Bishopstown did not give up and they drew level in the 48th minute. Then John Paul scored a terrific point from a long range shot. Mathuna's were sure they had the title until Bishopstown scored a last minute point, forcing the game into extra time. Substitutes were brought into the game at all points in the match including Liam Crowley and James Crowley.Although exhausted from play, the both sides battled for advantage, neither side getting much headway. Two points from either side kept them deadlocked after the first period of extra time but it was Mathuna's who eventually pulled away. A great goal from forward Ger McCarthy and points from O'Callaghan put them on their way and the team rejoiced when final whistle blew; 2-15 to 0-14. The captain, Mark Barrett received the cup and players and supporters alike cheered as the trophy was raised.

Account by Denis Cronin

The Team

1. D.MacCartaigh Denis McCarthy
2. T.Ó'Foghlú Tadhg Foley
3. S.Ó'Niatháin Seamus Nyhan
4. D.Ó'Croinín Denis Cronin
5. S.Ó'Breathnach James Walsh
6. S.Ó'Foghlú John Foley
7. S.Ó'Muirthuile John Hurley
8. G.MacCartaigh Gerard McCarthy
9. C.Ó'Laoire Colin O'Leary
10. D.Ó'Cochláin Darren Coughlan
11. M.deBaróid Mark Barrett
12. T.Ó'Crualaoí Tim Crowley
13. S.Ó'hArgáin John Horgan
14. S.P.Ó'Ceallacháin John Paul O'Callaghan
15. C.Ó'Muirthuile Conor Hurley
16. L.Ó'Crualaoí Liam Crowley
17. S.Ó'Crualaoí James Crowley
18. E.Ó'Coachlaoí Owen Coakley
19. T.Ó'Niatháin Tadhg Nyhan
20. B.Ó'hArgáin Brian Horgan
21. R.Neff Rudi Neff

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