The Dorset Big Cats Register

    Report a sighting of any panther or puma-like big cat in the wild in the Dorset area HERE

You can also read other people's sightings here, and much more about our county's mysterious panthers, pumas and lynxes and other anomalous big cats.

No matter how insignificant the incident seems, or how long ago it took place, your contribution will be very valuable in helping to build up a picture of these elusive creatures. 

The personal and contact details you send will be kept confidential. Specific locations and other information will also remain as confidential as you think appropriate. 

What the Dorset Big Cats Register is for:

The information submitted to this site will be used to build up a data bank of sightings, both for the county and nationwide. We hope this might help us to understand the provenance and nature of these creatures and the reasons for their appearance.

The Dorset Big Cats Register and its databank are free, public services designed only for research and information.

I am grateful to the Dorset Police, the Dorset Environmental Records Centre, the local newspapers and other media, Mark North, Sarah Smith, Jonathan McGowan and, of course, the witnesses themselves for their assistance in the project.


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      Who we are:          

I am Merrily Harpur - a writer with a long-time interest in the anomalous big cats seen so often in our countryside. My book Mystery Big Cats is the only comprehensive study of the phenomenon nationwide, and I am currently writing another exclusively on Dorset Big Cats.

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This site is linked to its national version, the Big Cats in Britain research group (BCIB), co-ordinated by Mark Fraser. For the national picture, or to contact Mark, visit

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      How to record your sighting        
      Email me:  

Telephone me: 01300 321316 and I will ring you back if necessary.

Write to me: Merrily Harpur, 1 Southover Cottages, Frampton, Dorset DT2 9NQ

I will contact you within 24 hours (and usually more quickly) of your email - if I haven't it means there may have been a technical glitch with your mail, so try again! 

NB: Any information sent to me is kept in strict confidence, and no details will be published without your permission. 


Thank you for taking the time to send your report. It will greatly help our research and is much appreciated. 

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I hope you enjoy the site. Any feedback is welcome.



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