The following titles by Edward Bourke are available

Vol 1 - "Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast 1105 - 1993"

Over 12,000 shipwrecks are estimated to have occured on the coast of Ireland. This book brings together some 2,500 total losses between 1105 and 1993.

240 pages. ISBN: 0952302705

Vol 2 - "Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast 932 - 1997"

This volume adds some 3,000 wrecks to the 2,500 already covered in volume one and a section on "Diving to the Lusitania"

225 pages. ISBN: 0952303711

Vol 3 - "Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast 1582 - 2000"

This last volume in the current series lists vessels not included in volume 1 and 2, plus extra sections including Mysteries of the Lusitania, Salvage, and Researching a Shipwreck.

232 pages. ISBN: 0952302721

"Shipwrecks of Ireland"

Contains photographs and illustrations of many of the vessels that came to grief on the Irish coast.

128 pages. ISBN: 0752417649

"Bound for Australia" - The loss of the emigrant ship "Tayleur"

A detailed look at the loss of the full rigged clipper "Tayleur" off Lambay Island, Co. Dublin, including the complete passenger list.

236 pages. ISBN: 095230273X

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