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Proposed Digital MMDS System
SCTV Digital - Cork, Kerry, Waterford


Southcoast Community Television (SCTV) - legally Cargaline Community TV - were one of a number of community groups that illegally operated UHF retransmission stations during the 1980s and 1990s. These operated by terrestrially rebroadcasting Welsh TV channels without paying licence fees to the ODTR or the BBC/HTV/S4C, with the aid of a voluntary contribution. After the election of Tom Guildea TD to the Dail in 1997, there was intense political pressure for them to be granted licences. With DTT being sevirely delayed it was decided to give them short term, two year licences.

Faced with the short term incorporated in its licence, in September 2000 SCTV announced that it was applying for what was essentially a Digital MMDS licence (of course, they didn't call it that) to transmit in a proposed franchise area of Cork, as well as parts of East Kerry, and west Waterford. The ODTR granted it the licence to conduct trials. The MMDS system they intend to use - MMDS HYPERCABLE (R) - differs in several respects from the licences given out in 1991 and 1999, and the ODTR wished to see if it was viable. Now SCTV wishes to get a full licence, and it may well do so, since its' not exactly the same system Chorus are using (and moreover for other political reasons). Subject to getting its MMDS franchise, it intends to begin broadcasts of a 40 channel digital TV system in September 2001.

Here we will preview the proposed Digital MMDS service to be offered by SCTV. Unlike Chorus, SCTV have been remarkably forthcoming in what they plan to offer! We can reveal the channel lineup proposed as well as the STB model and details - we even have a picture!