Suggested Equipment List for Summer Staff 2003


To Go Hiking

Full Scout / Guide Uniform
Night Clothes
Underwear and Socks
'Day Clothes' - remember it can be cold & wet as well as hot & sunny!!
Sports Wear
Waterproof Outdoor Shoes or Boots
Indoor Shoes
Some 'Going Out' Clothes
Swimming Costume

Strong Walking Boots with good soles (we recommend "Vibram" soles)
Hard Wearing Trousers (not Jeans)
Waterproof Jacket & Trousers
Woollen Hat and Warm Gloves or Mittens
Sun-glasses (with good UV protection) 
Lip Salve or other Lip Protection Cream
Rucksack (frameless ones are normally better for hiking in the Alps)
Water Bottle

Personal Medication
Special Toiletry items
Other Useful Items Camera
Cassette Tapes / CDs
Videos & DVDís (good ones!)
Reading Material, Music for Piano
Sports Equipment - climbing gear (bring your own harness!), rollerblades, etc. 
Song Books and Musical Instruments
Cuddly Teddy Bear

Please also bring your fancy dress for the BBQs (themes will be announced later by email) and 
August 1st (watch also your email!).

Please make sure that all your clothes are clearly labelled because everybodyís clothes are washed together in the laundry.

Staff Clothes



Other Items 
Items Supplied by the Centre

1 Sweatshirt and 2 T-Shirts

Blankets and a Pillow
Bed Sheets and Pillow Cases

Towels and Flannels
Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Toothbrush and Razors (disposable one)
Sanitary Pads, Ear-cleaners and Tampons
Sun Protection Cream & After sun cream

Sewing Kit
Shoe Care Equipment
Some old clothes for working outside and some boots
Lots of food cooked by Thomas!

Please note that the toiletries supplied by the Centre are bought in bulk and of one brand type. If you have a special brand of toiletry, you will have to bring this with you.