What to expect when you arrive...

Why are you here?

That is easy. Every member of the Kandersteg International Scout Centre team is here to:

Help the Guests = Happy Guests = Happy Staff = More Happy Guests = Happy Staff etc.

How does the staff team work?

The centre has several different departments. Each department has different work to do and has Long Term staff responsible for it. You will have a 'Home' department but you will swap into all the other departments during the season. The long term staff tries as hard as possible to work beside you – sometimes though, they may have to spend some time alone at the computers! Poor people! We will support you, listen to you, instruct you, help you and be part of the team.

Staff Training:

This happens over the first 2 weeks that you are here. You will be trained in all areas of the Centre: cleaning, campsite work, catering, activities, and nights out! Lots! We do not expect you to remember everything but we do ask you to learn a simple rule: If you don’t know the answer, then ask someone who does! There is nothing for you to worry about in the staff training – the training continues throughout the season and you can always ask. Our aim is for you to have fun, learn as much as possible and make friends.

The rotation system:

It is important that out staff understand all parts of the centre. This helps you to develop your skills, it also helps us to work as a team – understanding the good and bad things about each job, and respecting each others work. To do this, we have created a system of rotation or 'swaps'. You will have a 'home' department but you will swap into other department for 2 days at a time. This will happen about every 10 days and the rotation will run for most of the season except for the busiest weeks around August 1st. We ask all our staff to think of themselves as the Kandersteg team – not as departmental teams.

How do I get into my ‘'Home' department?

When you arrive you will have 2 weeks of training. At the end of this the long term staff will decide into which department you will go. It is important you understand that we will put you into the department where we think you will most help your team – this is not necessarily the department that you thought you would be in! We will look at the whole team and try to create a balanced team in all areas so that the summer will be easy as possible for ALL of us.

Ex staff helpers:

To help us over the busy August 1st period, some ex staff will be returning to work with us – mainly in the Snow & Ice programme. These are people who we know are happy, hard working and good team members and we hope you will enjoy working with them.

About each 'department':

Campsite: Sun, Rain, Cloud, Wind, Hot, Cold! All weather, all work, lots of fun! This work has a lot of guest contact and also a lot of pig bin contact! Your work is all about keeping the campsite clean and about keeping the campers happy. Some days this is great, some days this can be harder. There will be 6 people working on the campsite with 2 long term staff.

Guest Services: You work together closely with your team to provide a clean and efficient facility for the guests. When you work in the House you are organising cleaning troops and helping to keep things perfect! When you have catering duty, you will work on a different daily schedule in order to provide a smiling and tasty service to the guests. Our Chef, Thomas, will make the food and trusts you to serve it well ad make guests happy – up to 200 guests per meal! When you work in the Shop working times are different again so we meet the most optimum times for guests to buy our souvenirs. This job has a lot of responsibility with money and with guest relations. A lot of guest contact! Guest Services is vital to Kandersteg International Scout Centre’s economy. Therefore we must get happy, sociable people working in it to sell our souvenirs, serve the food and help the guests. There will be 9 people working in this area (on an internal rota system) with 8 long term staff.

Programme: This is the most popular work in most peoples minds before they reach Kandersteg BUT when you get here you may find it different from what you imagined! There are a lot of Alpine activities but its not constant hiking – it can be office work and craft workshops so please be realistic about your programme expectations! You are often working ‘on your own’ in that you are out on activities and not seeing your team much so we try to meet up every Sunday morning instead. A varied team for a varied job – there will be 12 people working in the programme office with 5 Long Term staff.

Administration: Nobody will work here but we have quite some Long Term staff working here in different roles. There is a Grounds Manager, PR/ESR assistant, Administration Assistant and Deputy Director/Guest Services Director (Campsite and Guest Services) and last but not least Miriam who is Director.

The 'Busy Period'?

The 2 weeks over August 1st are filled with guests, catering, activities, shop work, arrivals and departures, everything! It is also when we run a special day long activity to celebrate August 1st, Swiss National Day. This year we hope that 1200 people will take part in it.

The summer has already started when you are still in staff training and will stay busy until September 14th. You will find that each department is busy at different times – maybe one day you are rushed off your feet yet another department is quite ….. and that is when you need to support your team members, no matter what department you are in. The team work, friendships, energy, opportunity, International atmosphere and happy times are what make it


Remember why you are here!

Help the Guests = Happy Guests = Happy Staff = More Happy Guests = Happy Staff

= Happy Summer 2003!