The Rough Guide to Kandersteg

Useful Information About the Village of Kandersteg
Where it is: in the Bernese Oberland at 1,200m on the train line 'BLS' between Bern and Brig. 
Language: a strange version of German.
Buses: run when the weather is nice and stop during lunch. 
Tourist Office: located within the Chalet 
Currency Exchange: Cantonal Bank Kandersteg, Spar and Leihkasse Frutigen, Train Station. 
Telephones: expensive (but cheaper in the evenings and on weekends) 
Trains: pass by every 7 mins. 
Emergencies: REGA helicopters 1414 or bring your own hangover remedies.

You will be living with two other people in a room. You may want to bring along some things to decorate the room with (we supply pillows, blankets, sheets, etc.)

All your clothes are washed together in our laundry and should be labelled (or the mysterious Alpine laundry monster will ensure that all of your clothes disappear during the season). Best to make sure that all your clothes are machine washable. Delicate (and expensive) clothes will probably not survive a trip to the laundry, so please donít bring them unless you intend to wash them by hand.

There is no such thing as a diet at KISC - you are bound to overeat! If you have any particular dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian) please let us know before you arrive (use the Questionnaire!).

The BEAUTIFUL Bernese Oberland. You will have one day off a week to visit Switzerland on foot, ski, bike, train, roller blades etc!

Once a week, the Staff is given the chance to escape and do something together away from the Centre- 'Staff Night Out'. In the past, we have gone bowling, to the cinema, curling, swimming, sledging, to our sauna, playing games and eating ice-cream. Here at the Centre, we have a full stereo system, video recorder (VHS and video 8), a DVD player, a Piano and a slide projector. So, subject your musical and film tastes to open criticism and bring along your tapes, CDs, videos DVDís and slides to keep us all occupied and perhaps show us a bit about Scouting in your country. Still on the lines of entertainment, you may want to bring along a musical instrument (we have a guitar), crafts, hobbies, books, etc. for those few quiet moments you may have the chance to squeeze in.