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Solar Energy In Ireland?

Working in NewGrange,

Co. Meath for the past 5,000 Years


Irelandís Solar Energy

Some people say that there is no point in spending money on solar water heating systems in Ireland because there isn't engulf sunshine to do the job.

Installed solar water heating systems in Sligo, Galway, Donegal an in fact all over Ireland are proofing that solar power works in Ireland. On average you will get 6 month in the year your hot water from the sun for free.

No bills from the sun 
(don't tell that to the Irish tax man)

Let the sunshine into your house,
the future will be powered by solar energy.


Our Product Range Of Renewable Energy Systems

flat plate solar collectors with highly selective Tinox absorber coating (2m≤ - 4m≤)

evacuated tube systems.

solar air ventilation systems

solar photovoltaic systems (electric)

solar storage tanks & kombi tanks. (200-1500litres).

combination air to water heat pumps  with domestic hot water storage tanks

solar buffer water storage tanks (500-1500).

complete solar domestic hot water systems.

complete solar domestic & space heating systems.

solar pool heating systems.

solar gravity systems. (Thermosyphoning-system) 

wood pellet central heating boilers

wood pellet room heaters stoves

wood gasification boilers (solid wood)

wood burners stoves & boilers

stainless steel flue pipe single & double wall

stainless steel flexible pipe dn16 dn18 dn20

solar control & pump stations

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Solar  Energy  
Solar Air Ventilation & Heating

Why Solar Energy?

free energy for everybody

clean energy & environmentally friendly

plentiful and reliable

nobody will go to war over sunshine

SOLAR ENERGY IRELAND we bring the benefits of solar energy to your house and family at affordable cost. Our  solar products made in Germany are the latest in innovative technology. With over 25 years of German expertise, research and development in to solar technology makes our products the best money can bye.

Savings: Replace increasingly expensive fossil fuels with free energy from the sun.

Environment : Our systems are environmentally friendly and recognised as a genuine alternative to conventional forms of energy. Installing renewable energy systems into your home shows that you care for the environment.

Quality: All of our products are built to EU and German standards and will give you a more energy efficient system which will pay for itself over the years.

Comfort: Enjoy the comfort of free energy and feel good about using this clean renewable energy.

Values: Renewable energy systems will increase the value of your house and give you a better quality of life.

Large scale solar system for heating water

We only supply top quality components made to EU and  German standards which comply to the latest EU regulations.
New advanced  technologies use the sun's energy  to provide heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling, for homes, businesses, and industry.

How does solar thermal technology work?

The principle is
simple: The sunís rayssolar_renewable_energy_system_ireland
are absorbed by
the collectors and
heat the water of the solar energy system. The closed system extends from the roof to the cellar of
the house and conducts the sunís heat via a heat exchanger into a storage tank. The more solar collectors that are installed, the more energy can be collected and used to heat hot water or to supplement a central heating system. It goes without saying that combined systems for heating swimming pools can be offered in any size.

Best time to install solar water heating system.

New Homes

It goes without saying the best time to install solar water heating system is when you are planning a new house. The payback time for solar thermal system in a new house is within 5 to 7 years or the more hot water you use the quicker the payback time. Solar water heating systems and other solar power systems are the only alternative energy systems ones the system are up and running there is no (or very little) running cost.

Existing Homes

Solar domestic hot water systems would be the choice here. A good time to install solar water heaters in existing homes are when replacing domestic hot water storage tank, new roof been build, renovation work and change of heating system. 

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